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  Current Special Offers
    Professional quality 10 element wideband TV aerial
Suitable for digital TV reception in strong signal areas.
    Ideal if you have line-of-sight to the TV transmitter.
    This is a quality product and is not to be confused with
    the usual DIY shop / catalogue shop junk.
   Limited stock at only 10.00

ingle Mini-Dish LNB
Replacement single feed satellite L.N.B. Comes complete
    with adapter to fit any sky minidish, weatherproofing tape
    and replacement "F" connector.
Only 10.00

Triax 1.1 Metre Satellite Dish
   Large solid satellite dish including single L.N.B. Ideally suited for
    Turksat and other european satellites. These dishes are
    top-quality and are ideal for use
with motorised systems.
    Wall bracket not included.
   Last one in stock at only 70.00




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